Chem 744/754

Chem 744/754 Organic Spectroscopy and Lab

Fall 2015

Chem 744 Syllabus

Chem 754 Syllabus



01 Introduction
02 Basics of NMR Spectroscopy
03 NMR Spin Coupling
04 Multiplet Analysis
05 Multipulse NMR
06 NMR Stereochemistry
07 NMR Practical Considerations
08 2D NMR/Pulsed Field Gradients
09 Mass Spectrometry
10 IR Spectroscopy
11 UV-Vis Spectroscopy


Homework 01 – ANSWER KEY
Homework 02
Homework 03


Organic Spectroscopy Course (videos) (James Nowick, UC Irvine)
NMR Manual Page (Cungen Zhang, U. Maryland, Baltimore)
NMR Animations (Rob Schurko, U. Windsor)
NMR Spectroscopy Course (Michael Denk, U. Guelph)
NMR Spectroscopy Course (Andrew Harned, U. Minnesota)
Web Spectra (Craig Merlic, UCLA)
Organic Structure Elucidation (Bradley Smith, Notre Dame)
Basics of NMR (Joseph Hornak)
Max T. Rogers NMR Facility How Tos (Michigan State, lots of info on Varian NMR operation)
NMR Analyst Structure Elucidations
Spectroscopic Identification of Organic Compounds (Neil Glagovich, CCSU)
Structure Determination using Spectroscopy (Hans Reich, U. Wisconsin)
Insensitive Application (Mac – from Universität Hamburg)
Insensitive IOS 4 app (iTunes store link)