Hi everyone,

FYI – the orion homework for Chapter one is set to end at 10:00 pm on Wednesday. I have opened up the homework for chapter 2. Please go ahead and start on that.

For the orion assignments I have set an arbitrary total of 10 points per assignment that will all get scaled at the end of the semester according to the syllabus. You will be assigned points based on the following proficiencies:

>60% – 10 pts
40-60% – 8 pts
20-40% – 5 pts
0-20% – 2 pts
no attempt – 0 pts

The assignments are currently set to 40 questions. Once you complete the first 20 assessment questions you need to go back and and continue until you complete at least 40.

These are designed to push you beyond what you are working on in the chapter, so don’t get frustrated and do not keep beating yourself up until you get a high proficiency. They are purposely designed to be difficult to achieve a very high proficiencey and I do not expect that.

Please make sure you exit back to blackboard using the return link at the top of the page when you are finished to make sure your responses get recorded properly.