Welcome to CHEM 240 for the fall 2019 semester. I am excited to meet you all and begin our semester of learning together next week.

I wanted to let you know ahead of time that our course will be structured with a significant amount of problem solving and active learning activities in during the class times. This will be a “flipped” class where you will be responsible for reading and viewing videos of the content outside of class.

In preparation for this semester, I have all of the content videos and course notes for the entire semester on both the blackboard page and on the course web page (http://localhost/chem240). You can begin looking at the content at any time.

I look forward to meeting you all next week.

Gregory Cook
Professor and Chair
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
North Dakota State University
Fargo, North Dakota 58108-6050
Twitter: @DrCookNDSU
Facebook: @NDSUChemBio