September 22, 2018

Chemdraw Plugin on Cluster Computers

For those who have had problems with the Chemdraw plugin on their Vista 64 bit computers, we are now getting the plugin installed on the university computer clusters. So far they have been installed in IACC 114, 116 and 128. Every machine received the application; however, not every machine fully installed the application. Most machines in those three clusters are good to go… the few that are not the following steps can be taken to complete the installation on that machine:

Click on:
Application launcher
Double-click on ChemDraw

They plan to have them installed on all clusters by Friday.

On-Line Homework

Chem 341 uses the McGraw-Hill Connect on-line homework system with LearnSmart. You can find assignments embedded directly in the BlackBoard course. Or you can go directly to the Connect course website:

It should be automatic but please make sure your Connect account and BlackBoard account are paired to ensure you get credit for completing the on-line assignments.

If you don’t have the access code, please contact Dr. Cook.