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Chem 341

Welcome to the Chem 341 web page. This page is designed to provide you with easy access to information and learning aids for Organic Chemistry I. To access information, choose from the menu on the left.

An electronic copy of the course syllabus and schedule are included. As the semester progresses, you should check the schedule for any changes.

The message center will be the place for any anouncements and notes from the instructor.

On the exams page you will find information about exams and quizzes. This is where quiz answers will be posted. Any information on exams will be placed here.

The links page will provide links to external internet sites dealing with organic chemistry. There are a number of very good on-line organic courses and tutorials that may help in your studies. Be sure to check out the Link of the Week for sites directly related to our in class lectures.

Suggested problems for each chapter can be found on the problems page.

For those of you taking the Chem 351 Organic Lab, the 351 selection jumps you to the 351 course page.

Feedback from you is always welcome. You may click on the envelope from any page to send anonymous email to Professor Cook. If you need a response, please be sure to include your name and email address.

I hope these web pages will be useful for you. If you have suggestions on improving these pages, please let me know.

-- Dr. Cook