Organic Chemistry Links

HOT LINK - WebSpectra (IR and NMR) from Prof. Craig Merlic at UCLA

Click Here for another online Spectroscopy workbook.

Organic Chemistry at NDSU

NDSUCHEM - the NDSU Chemistry Department Homepage
Chem 342 - Prof. Mallik's 2001 Chem 342 Homepage
Chem 341 - Prof. Cook's 1999 Chem 341 Homepage
Cook Group - Prof. Cook's Research Group Homepage
Sibi Group - Prof. Sibi's Research Group Homepage
Mallik Group - Prof. Mallik's Research Group Homepage

Helpful Organic Chemistry Links

Organic Chemistry OnLine - from Paul Young, University of Chicago
Electronic Flashcards - from Todd Lowary, Ohio State University
Practice Problems - from William Reusch, Michigan State University
Organic Question Bank - from Marco Molinaro, UC Berkeley
Websters Organic Chemistry- Many links to on-line organic chemistry resources from Prof. Nick Turro, Columbia University, and Ron Russay, Diablo Valley College/ UC Berkeley
Organic Chemistry Dictionary - from Jeffrey Gosper and Peter Sammes, Brunel University, UK


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