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05/10/04 - There will not be an NMR unknown question on the final exam. However, I expect you to be able to match a structure to a given spectra.

05/05/04 - FINAL EXAM review Session - Tuesday, May 11, 3:00-5:00 in Minard 136 - Note: Karen will be available in Dunbar 362 from 1:00-7:00 pm on Wednesday, May 12 to answer questions. I will be available most of the day Thursday (except 12:00-2:00) for students to drop in.

04/30/04 - Here is information about sections that are not covered.

Chapter 22 - Nitrile alkylation in section 22.8
Chapter 23 - 23.13 Robinson Annulation, 23.14 Biological Condensations
Chapter 24 - Reduction of Nitriles, Hofmann and Curtius Rearrangements from 24.6, Sections 24.8 to the end will not be covered.

04/29/04 - Please note, our Final Exam is scheduled for 12:30-2:30 pm on Friday, May 14. Not 7:30 am.

04/14/04 - The Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering has undergraduate research opportunities available. For more information, download the Word Document Here.

04/14/04 - The ACADEMY OF STUDENTS OF PHARMACY - Promotes student involvement in issues affecting pharmacy, provides drug and health information to the public and encourages unity among pharmacy students and within the pharmacy profession. They invite all pre-pharmacy students to be involved in their organization. There will be a meeting this Firday inat 12:00 in Sudro 22. For more information contact

04/05/04 - A number of people have asked for a list of sections that will NOT be covered for the next exam. Here it is:

Chapter 19: 19.1 - naming; from section 19.3 - we will not cover the Tollens oxidation; 19.7 - hydrocyanation; 19.10 - Wolff-Kishner Reduction; 19.13 - Cannizzaro reaction; 19.15 - Biological reactions; 19.16 - spectroscopy.

Chapter 20: 20.1 - naming; from section 20.6 - we will not cover nitriles; 20.9 - nitriles; 20.10 - spectroscopy.

Chapter 21: 21.1 - naming; 21.8 - thioesters; 21.9 - polyamides and polyesters; 21.10 - spectroscopy.

04/02/04 - My next exam review session will be Tuesday, April 13 at 5:30 pm in Sudro 24. Please not the change in time and location.

02/17/04 - Exams may be picked up in my office any time.

02/11/04 - In order to give you more time, you may start your exam at 7:45 am.

02/6/04 - A couple of typos. If you have the lecture summary 8 from Feb 2, I have uploaded a fixed one. On the bottom of page 1, it should say "groups on the diene pointing in will be UP in the product" not down. Also, on the chapter 14 additional problems answers, I drew the last Diels-Alder product with the wrong stereochemistry. A corrected version of this file has been uploaded.

02/3/04 - The Chemistry Club will sell Organic Flash Cards before class starting next week. Be sure to pick up your set soon!

01/26/04 - I think many people missed class today because of the snow. Most of what we covered today shouldn't be that critical. The more complicated NMR splitting we covered was more for your information and won't be tested over. We went over some of the sample spectroscopy problems which you can download from the web. I would suggest trying those out. I will post answers later for these. We will start Chapter 14 on Wednesday.

01/21/04 - H1 NMR handout has been added to the handouts page. Some have requested copies of my in-class presentations. I am happy to provide them in PDF and interactive quicktime format. Please note that after we finish NMR, I will mainly use the blackboard. So, there won't be any presentations available. As always, you may get a copy of last year's lecture summaries if you want notes ahead of class time.

01/16/04 - You may want to download the C13 NMR handout as we will be looking at those examples in class next Wednesday. Have a great weekend.

01/12/04 - Welcome to Chem 342. I have posted suggested problems for Chapter 13 on the handouts page.


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